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Start Now..Get Fit

The hardest part of getting in shape is getting started. If that’s true, then congratulations on taking that first step! (See key pointers below).


Know What You Are Doing, and How You Are Doing It

If you’re trying to lose, get healthy, build muscle or excel at a sport, you’ll need specific goals. When you don’t have a specific goal, it’s difficult to keep exercising and to track your progress to see how far you’ve come. Before you get busy, take a moment and ask yourself these questions:
1. What do I want to accomplish with this exercise program?
2. Is my goal realistic and attainable?
3. Do I know how to reach my goal?
4. When do I want to reach my goal?
5. How will I reward myself when I reach my goal?

After you set your goal, find out how to reach it. If you want to lose weight or become better at a sport, you need to do some research to figure out where to start.
It’s helpful to know what you have to do before you get started. Many people are surprised at the daily effort it takes to reach their goals.

Once you know what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, you’ll need some strategies for sticking with it:

  • Schedule your workouts
  • Set weekly goals and reward yourself each time you succeed
  • Work out with friends or family for added motivation
  • Recommit to your goals every day
  • Be prepared by always having your workout bag with you, bringing your lunch to work, etc.
  • Keep a food and workout journal to stay on track and measure your progress
  • Take your measurements regularly

The following are some other pointer as you Start to Get Fit.

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After the Workout

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