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Strengthening Your Legs

LegSprinters have been around for thousands of years competing with each other but it is only when strength training made its appearance that the face of sprinting changed dramatically. 
Strength training helped the sprinters to increase leg strength for sprinting and this worked towards making them strong and quicker than those around them.

Initially strength training was not viewed favorably because there was a misconception that this would make sprinters bulky and end up making them slower. However, this was proved wrong when many sprinters did do strength training as a way to increase the leg strength for sprinting and ended up being faster than sprinters who did not do strength training. In addition, scientific research ahs proved that sprinters with bulky muscles have the least amount of fat in their body, especially in their legs.

One way to increase leg strength for sprinting is by running up a hill. This training, in fact, is being done by many professional sprinters and runners who are looking for speed through increased leg strength. Find a hill that is around 75 to 100 meters long and run uphill until you reach the peak. This running should be hard. Then slowly jog down to the bottom of the hill. This should be done a few times. When you are running uphill fast, you will work the muscles of your legs and this will help to improve not just the leg strength but also the way your body process the increased oxygen intake.

Even doing squats help to increase leg strength for sprinting and if this is not part of your exercise regimen, you should make it. Squats will improve and strengthen the muscles in ankles, knee, hips and spine and some of these muscles are primarily used in sprinting.